Heat-not-burn tobacco products are about to reach their boiling point


Heat-not-burn tobacco products (HNB), including Reynolds Americanâs (RA) ‘Eclipse’ and ‘Revo’ and Philip Morris Internationalâs (PMI) ‘Heatbar’, are devices that heat tobacco to ∼500°F, producing an inhalable aerosol. Since 1988, tobacco companies have perennially introduced HNB and marketed them as healthier than conventional cigarettes. These claims, refuted by researchers,1 failed to lure consumers. Each reincarnation of HNB was commercially unsuccessful, and most HNB products were discontinued shortly after their introduction. Until recently, HNB products were all but unavailable to consumers—but now may be the perfect time for a thriving HNB market.
Theodore L. Caputi
Theodore L. Caputi
Economics & Health Researcher

My research interests include public health, health innovation, and health care.