Theodore L. Caputi

Theodore L. Caputi

Economics & Health Researcher

MIT Economics

My name is Theodore Caputi. I am a graduate student in the Ph.D. in Economics program at MIT. I am also the author of the Behavioral Health Matters blog for Psychology Today.

I graduated summa cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School with a B.S. in Economics in 2017 and first in my class with a Master of Public Health from University College Cork as a Mitchell Scholar in 2019. From 2018-2019, I was a Research Assistant for Professor Amanda Pallais at Harvard University’s Department of Economics and the National Bureau of Economic Research. From 2019-2020, I studied Health Sciences at the University of York as a British Marshall Scholar.


My primary research interest is behavioral public health. I use tools from economics, epidemiology, data science, and related fields to understand the social, economic, and industry factors influencing individuals’ health behaviors and decisions (e.g., substance use, suicidal ideation, and violence). I am also interested in health care policy and health innovation.

I have published over 30 studies and commentaries in peer-reviewed journals. Most of these papers are available free-of-charge on this site. My work has been featured in journals such as Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), JAMA Internal Medicine, JAMA Pediatrics, Health Affairs, Addiction, American Journal of Preventive Medicine, American Journal of Public Health, and Tobacco Control and in news outlets such as The New York Times, the LA Times and CNN.